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In 1998, in the UK, while working as a visiting Kathak teacher, Sushmita Ghosh established Aakriti Foundation to give a practical shape to her thoughts on arts as a medium of creative expression, a mode of educating the human mind, and a way of life.

She perceived all artistic disciplines such as Dance, Music, Visual arts, Yoga, Theatre, Literature, as integral part of training and education- both for the professionals as well as for the sensitive, humane and responsible member of society.

Over the years Aakriti Foundation found a team of dedicated artistes who shared the same belief in the unity of all arts and the power of arts to educate and elevate all and sundry.

Kathak Dancer Sushmita Ghosh, Tabla player Shiv Shankar Ray, Sitar exponent Partha Bose and Hindustani classical vocalist Anol Chatterjee make the core team of Aakriti Foundation.

Through its regular classes and workshops in Music, Dance, Yoga and Visual Arts in India and abroad, intimate Baithaks and arts festivals, Aakriti Foundation aims to:

Promote the practice, awareness and appreciation of Indian Classical Arts amongst all

Spot and nurture talent and creativity amongst youth

Provide a platform for performance for artists at various stages of their art journey

Provide appropriate help and support to the deserving and committed learners as well as to the artists past their prime

Establish the training process of performing and visual arts as an essential part of a child’s education in today’s world

Aakriti Foundation has two branches in India in New Delhi and Kolkata