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All our ventures at Aakriti Foundation stem from our belief in the power of arts to train, educate and elevate the human mind, body and spirit. Our classes for young children are fun and firm, inspiring and guiding them to explore the life around through the limitless depths of their chosen art forms.

In our workshops on Yoga, Music and Visual Arts, trips to concerts and various other exchanges, dialogues and interactions, the students are exposed to the integrated and inter-connected nature of all our art forms.

“Milestones” is our regular concert series presented once a month in our Delhi and Kolkata centres alternatively. It is a platform for younger and upcoming artists to share their art journey and an opportunity to experience the art of some of the very senior artists, in an intimate “Baithak” style presentation.

“Tasmai”, our annual Music and Dance Festival in memory of Kathak Guru Reba Vidyarthi launched in 2011, presents some of the finest classical artists of India.

“Concentric” is an annual training program for professional Kathak dancers and serious students of the form.